Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What do you think of wall decals?

I have been going through old blog posts on Canadian House & Home's website and stumbled upon a decal debate that I found really interesting. Writer Reiko Caron posted that they were "out" except for some instances when used in a child's bedroom. Kathryn Bala however, disagreed, and showed a photo of her own home with a huge power line decal across the wall. It is really graphic and bold and she's happy with her choice. Here is a photo of her living room:

What do you think?

I happen to have strong feelings about this particular discussion because I have lots and lots of decals in our very small apartment. I'm sure that I went a bit over-the-top (it is my first apartment after all, so I'm allowed to go a little wild, right?) but I have to say that the quality and creativity in the decal world is really impressive! And they just keep getting better. For example, take a look at the Rex Ray decals that Jillian just posted about. That is beautiful artwork!

For me, my love of decals started with these beauties:

Aren't they lovely? I'm very happy to have the black silhouette hanging in our apartment. It makes such a statement.

And a friend recently sent me these:

I love this series of decals because I adore Jillian's picture frame-inspired wallpaper but didn't want to wallpaper my apartment walls. This decal provides a similar look without the commitment.

So...are wall decals a really sophisticated design element? Maybe not.

But do they make me happy? Absolutely.

The fact that wall stickers are temporary means that I can switch up my decor anytime I want. That's a huge bonus! And in my opinion, that's why they'll be "in" for quite awhile.


top image by: Kathryn Bala via Canadian House & Home
middle image: grandfather clock by studio jan habraken via blick wall graphics
bottom image: haute frame decals via chiasso

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