Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Travel the world of Hermes

I just discovered travel the world of Hermès, a special little part of the Hermès website. It is absolutely delightful! 

(I just knew it was going to be fun when this little guy with a top hat and angel wings floated across the adorable.)

The site is fun, quirky, and beautifully designed. Full of great content too. 

Each of the thumbnails on the home page (pictured above) is a link to a unique interactive component that features a Hermès product or concept.

For instance, the page below introduces petit h, a pop-up shop that travels the world promoting favorite Hermès artists and creations not found in traditional Hermès stores. 

I think the petit h logo is fantastic.

Did you know that Hermès sells wallpaper? This part of the site actually lets you virtually "hang" your own wallpaper. 

I have to confess that I spent a lot of time playing here! So many different combinations of beautifully patterned wallpaper layered on top of each other...all with no mess!

Below you can see a section of the site that tells the stories behind iconic Hermès products, like the Kelly bag for instance. 

Did you know the bag was named after Grace Kelly?

Above is a really fun and unexpected psychedelic video of Carina Ballerina Flats floating across the screen. Mesmerizing...

Then there are these gorgeous shoes that dance across the page. (Love the orange tights and socks! Great touch.)

And since I have an obsession with silverware, I couldn't resist sharing an image of Hermès silverware. Oh my goodness, it is just stunning!

And last but certainly not least I thought this part of the site, pictured below, is really smart. Not only do they highlight their gorgeous table service, Bleus, but they offer tutorials for amazing recipes and food presentation. Beautifully delicious!

If you have some free time, I highly recommend discovering the world of Hermès. There is so much design goodness here, you won't want to leave!


all images via the Hermès website

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