Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pretty Pencils

Sometimes the most everyday object can be elevated to a thing of beauty.  Take this image for example:

It's from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and while they are hoping to showcase their craft table, chairs, and bookcase, I was most drawn to the shadowboxes on the top left of this image.  Take a closer look -- they are filled with colored pencils!

Isn't this a clever (and inexpensive) solution to wall art?  And something that can work in any room depending on the colors you choose.  This would look great with crayons, markers, paint tubes, etc.  Or even with any other item that can be color-coded like straws, utensils, even socks (a collection of colored baby socks would be adorable).  

A good reminder that a little creativity and a burst of color can give you a happy home. 

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