Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A pretty garden

A few weeks ago, I posted about our garden.  Since then, we have enjoyed a few radishes, some cucumbers, and a handful of cherry tomatoes.  The cherry tomato plant is quite funny -- we get 2 ripe itty-bitty tomatoes a day.  That's it.  Just enough for a little nibble but not much more.

Our garden hasn't yielded as many results as I would have liked, but I believe I did get bit by the gardening bug (as well as the mosquito bugs that attack me each day when I go to to water the garden) and I'm already thinking of ways to improve upon it.  I'm looking to these items at Terrain to help make my garden next year become more bountiful and beautiful at the same time.

sunken pool garden hose

swivel hose reel

low grid vine trellis

hable sweet pea gloves
(see more Hable Construction goodness here)

okubo shears

#3 watering jug

petite watering can

cement planter

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