Thursday, July 21, 2011

Richie Designs

This past winter, I discovered Richele, the incredible talent behind Richie Letterpress & Design. I actually found her letterpessed stationery shop on Etsy and have been admiring her work since. Richele's unique designs and crisp letterpress quality are outstanding.

This is what first caught my eye:

I bought it and framed it for my mother who adores Scottish Terriers and collects all things Scottie.

Her greeting cards feature witty quips like these:

There are lots of people in my life who I would send this to:

You know those situations when you don't know exactly what to say? Well, here you go:

And perhaps the happiest greeting card ever. (I couldn't resist. I had to order a few of these for myself!)

all images from Richie Designs via etsy

Need I say more?

Oh yes, she has a pretty great blog too.

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