Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I love these images from Tony Clark on flickr. First of all, his furniture is amazing. I love the gorgeous wood paired with metal mirrored legs. But what really gets me is his photo composition...and the zigzags. Placing this furniture on a zigzag floor that is reflected back in the mirrored legs is unbelievable!

Teak Tall Tree Cocktail Table with Polished Metal Mirror Legs
image via flickr
Teak Slab Table
image via flickr

Jillian and I were talking about these images and she reminded me of a great post on Design*Sponge featuring a zigzag wall treatment. Take a look:

image via Design*Sponge, project and photos by Laurie of Improvemental

I think we need more zig zags in life, don't you?

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