Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some DIY I'd Like to Try

I am constantly inspired by all of the creativity and inventiveness of the Do It Yourself projects people are posting on the web.  I'm so inspired in fact, that when looking back at all the projects I've bookmarked over the past few years, I can't possibly keep up with them. So, I have decided to post my favorites here and then follow up with posts after they are completed.

Lace Pendant Light

image and project by Dos Family, originally found via Musings

This pendant light is made out of lace doilies by Isabelle of Dos Family. What a cool statement piece. I love that it makes something new and completely different out of something old.

After managing to find enough doilies, I just need to head to a party supply store for a large balloon and actually make it...

You can read all about this project here.

Book Wallpaper

image and project by Meg at Little Blue Prints

This wallpaper is created out of book pages. I love it! I don't know where in our apartment to try it, but I'm determined to find a space. In the meantime, I'll be admiring this project and dreaming about what pages to display. I think this could work really well with old letters, too.

Click here to read more about this project.

Antiqued Mirrored Window

image and project by Elizabeth at ECAB, originally found via Design*Sponge

This is an old, leaded glass window. The mirrored effect is created by spraying Krylon's Looking Glass paint on the glass. The effect is stunning!

I have the window for this project (well, several actually, that I've been storing since my mother had the original windows in her house replaced). It's not leaded glass but I plan on painting the trim around the panes black. Ultimately I'd love to suspend it from the ceiling in our apartment.

For more project details, please click here.

Dyed Rug

image and project by Kristen at kristen f. davis designs

This dyed rug is the ultimate DIY project and I have to admit that it scares me a bit! This started out as a remnant of an oriental rug but was bleached and then dyed using RIT dye. It reminds me of the beautiful color saturated rugs available at ABC Carpet. I have found some great oriental rugs to cut down and try out, but the idea of bleaching and dyeing a textile like this (in the washer no less!) is really intimidating. I'm leaving this project for last...

You can read all about this project here.

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