Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Organizing the Mudroom

A few months ago, I was feeling an extreme need to organize. My mudroom closet was a mess – filled to the brim with jackets, shoes, gloves, hats and all sorts of other things. Here are the embarrassing before photos.

Something had to be done. Enter Ikea's Expedit unit.

This storage unit has saved the day many times before. I actually have 3 of them in various configurations throughout my home!

In my mudroom closet, I wanted to have a basket for each member of the family. It's been working amazingly well. With the help of Anthropologie's mercury glass letter ornaments, everyone now knows where to find their shoes, hats and gloves…and where to put them when they come home.

Once the bottom of the closet was taken care of, I moved on to the top.

I sprayed the baskets white and then taped off the bottom section and sprayed them shiny silver. Once sprayed, I organized and filled the baskets and placed them up top. Now I have plenty of storage and an aesthetically pleasing closet, too. I'm so happy with the end result!

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