Monday, October 14, 2013

A Gallery Wall from Schoolhouse Electric

Have you seen the Fall 2013 catalog from Schoolhouse Electric?

It is so, so pretty! I just want to live in the world they have created. (You can check it out for yourself, here!)

Anyway, this spread in the catalog caught my attention because I am always looking to see how stylists create gallery walls. The options are endless and I like to see the things that other people choose to display together, and this one here works so well. 

I particularly love the "Let it Go" wall banner in the center. I have been eyeing this piece for awhile and love how it fits in here. 

Isn't it so simple and sweet? Check out these other wall banners from artist Ashley Brown Durand

I think these could be the perfect addition to a beautifully-styled gallery. 


top three images via Schoolhouse Electric (featuring the Let it Go wall banner)
bottom three images from Secret Holiday Co. via Etsy 

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