Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mini Ikea

Last week I posted about my favorite room from the Ikea 2014 catalog. I'm slowly perusing the catalog and each day finding more things I like in it. Today, it's all about mini Ikea – cool finds and clever ideas for the little ones in your life.

Like this mini dollhouse furniture – I'm loving the mini Expedit unit and graphic rug.

And this idea of creating a zone in an unused corner in your home. Kids (and adults) don't always need a couch. A rug and pillows make an equally welcoming space.

And then there is this storage unit.

Designed, I think, as a storage unit for toys and kids clothes, I'm loving how it's shown it here – like a mini home for a lucky little dolls. With some artwork on the walls and space for a blanket and maybe a teeny rug, what a way to encourage the little interior decorator in your child!

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