Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pelle Bubble Lights

A few years ago, I was watching HGTV and saw a bubble chandelier installed in a home. It was stunning. I instantly googled the company, Pelle, and found them online. I was quite taken with these chandeliers and for a while I explored the idea of trying to make one myself. It seemed like if I had one bulb in the middle, I could cluster a group of clear ornaments all around it to make my own version. But the more I thought about it, I realized that the beauty of these chandeliers are the multiple bulbs and after consulting with my electrician, decided that making it myself probably wasn't the best idea.

So a few months ago, I bought them! Two, actually – one for my entryway and one to hang on the second floor. Because the light on the second floor is exposed in the entryway, I thought it made sense to have matching fixtures.

Here's the before of the space, downstairs and upstairs

And here's the after with lights turned off.

And on.

So pretty. I absolutely love them. A side note, though – between the time I bought these and now, the prices of these lights have increased substantially. They definitely did not cost nearly this much months ago. I contacted the company and this is what they said:
Since March we have actually released a new generation of UL/cUL rated Bubble Chandeliers which was debuted at ICFF in May. The lights were totally re-designed with all new machined metal bodies and components, but were made to look as similar to the old design as possible. Because of this change, we are now able to provide our lighting to many commercial clients who require this UL mark and could not spec our previous lights. We will now also be partnering with select retailers throughout the US and Canada, so for those who can not make it all the way to our showroom in Brooklyn there may be a closer solution for previewing and purchasing the Bubble Chandeliers.
Good news for someone who wants to see the lights in person before buying but I still feel lucky to have gotten them when I did!

top photo of the Original Bubble Chandelier  by Pelle
all other photos by The Pink Chalkboard

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