Monday, June 3, 2013

Brooklyn Flea Philly

Brooklyn Flea Philly debuted yesterday in Northern Liberties and I had a great time spending a few hours at this event. It was a very well curated market with local vendors and artisans, as well as great finds from out of town. We arrived after 1pm and it was very crowded! I hope that means a successful day for the sellers and that this market will have a long, happy future in Philly. 

Here is a little preview of the market along with some of my favorite finds from the day. 

These beautifully upholstered benches are from Ardmore's own Chairloom.

I loved the pillows below. Looking at them now, I'm wondering why I didn't buy a couple? Definitely next time.

Peg and Awl was one of the best vendors. All of their items were handcrafted from recycled materials. I bought this little chalkboard made of reclaimed oak and plan to hang it in my office—perfect for writing little notes and reminders. 

Peg and Awl also sells handmade tote bags and desk accessories. You can find their online shop here, and bonus...they are based right here in Philly!

These miniature pennants are so cute.

Here are some more pennants! These seemed to be everywhere and I can't believe I didn't pick up one or two. 

Territory was another local vendor with an excellent selection of home goods. I really like their logo, too.  

OK, and how great is this little sign? I am kicking myself for not buying it. Add it to the list!

I've written several posts over the past few months about flea markets, so how does this one compare? Well, Brooklyn Flea Philly is in a fantastic location and the vendors are perfectly suited for the Philly audience. It is not your traditional flea market (like Philly Flea Market) and the offerings are a bit more industrial and mid-century than what you might find at Clover Market. All in all, I thought it was excellent and am looking forward to going back and picking up the things that I missed today and discovering even more design-goodness. 

Brooklyn Flea Philly will be held at The Piazza at Schmidt's in Northern Liberties every Sunday this summer. You can find all of the details here


all images by The Pink Chalkboard via Instagram

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  1. Hi - it's Colleen from freshvintage. We still have that sign if you are interested!

    Glad you enjoyed the flea. From a vendor's perspective, we loved everything about it - the music, venue, food, crowd. We were shocked at how many people came out for it, considering the heat. We would do it again, if it fits into our schedule.


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