Monday, March 25, 2013

Decorating Vases

Do you remember this post about the vase I found at Anthropologie that was decorated with necklaces? I recently did that in my home.

I have a large, silver vase in my entryway that I usually fill with fresh flowers. A few weeks ago, this bunch of greens caught my eye and I thought it would be a nice change. But when I saw it against the painted green mirror, it all just looked flat and boring. It needed a pop of color (and preferably a pink one)!

So I went to my closet, found an old necklace and wrapped it around. It was a perfect fit.

A small detail, but a pretty one, and just the update I needed. But decorating with necklaces isn't the only way to dress up your vase. Look at this Jonathan Adler image I just got in my inbox.

How clever to use it as a hat display. And so chic with all of those fedoras stacked on top!

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