Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweet Cheep!

For years, I've told my husband that I have a great memory and can remember things from when I was very little. He doesn't believe me at all and says that I "remember" things based on photos. I'm not sure if that's the case or not (I can clearly describe to you the look and placement of a cookie jar from my grandmother's house -- the last time I was there I was 2 years old and I've yet to come across a photo of that) but regardless, photos no doubt help in holding on to memories and that's why I think they are so important.

When my son was born, I knew I wanted to document his first year so I called Laura Novak, our wedding photographer. Laura is beyond amazing - so talented and nice, too. In the years since our wedding, she had set up a few studios in the area called Little Nest to photograph kids and families so we've been going there. Here are some of the shots from our latest session. I especially love them since my son usually shies away from the camera, but our photographer, Megan, worked her magic and we amazingly have tons of photos of him smiling and hamming it up for the camera.

My experience at Little Nest was such a good one that I was thrilled when they called and asked to partner with us on a special promotion they have going on this week. Called "Sweet Cheep" (love that name!), this special promotion is available to all of The Pink Chalkboard readers. Click here for details and see more samples of their work below. Offer is good until January 18 at noon EST so sign up today to document those memories! The winter holidays may be over but think about the other special days coming up in the future – Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. Photos make great gifts!

One other thing to note – I've been going to Little Nest's Wayne location and I have to say, I love the look of the studio, too. Great color palette, furnishings, and overall style and feeling. Have you ever gone to a place and said to yourself, "I could live here"? That's totally how I feel about Little Nest.

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