Monday, December 10, 2012

Succulent Wreaths

It is amazing to think that this gorgeous arrangement is hand-made with live succulent plants. Not only is this "living wreath" perfect for the holidays, but I imagine that it must so delightful during the cold winter months, when we crave fresh, green beauty. Here is a collection of my favorite succulent wreaths found around the web.

Here are some other very unique variations that are too good to pass up. For instance, there is this moss wreath with a succulent "bow..."

I love how the wreath is used as a centerpiece here...

and given my love for typography, I thought this was simply ingenious. Beth from Unskinny Boppy created a monogram succulent wreath. Love!

Interested in trying to make a succulent wreath for yourself? I found what looks to be a great tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens.


Living Succulent Wreath by ProFlowers via Amazon
Mixed Green Succulent Wreath via Viva Terra
Make a Succulent Wreath via Better Homes and Gardens
Dwarf-Pagoda Crassulas via Flora Grubb Gardens; photo by Caitlin Atkinson
via Pinterest (Thanks for the inspiration, Mom!)
Viva Terra via Pinterest
Succulent Wreath via Viva Terra
Moss Wreath with Succulent Bow by Flora Grubb Gardens via Pinterest
Living Succulent Candlering via ProFlowers
Monogrammed Succulent Wreath by Unskinny Boppy

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