Monday, December 17, 2012

Conversation Wallpaper

When I was in middle school, I happened to go to a friend of a friend's house one day and we were playing in the bedroom of this girl's older sister. Her room had something that I had never seen before -- writing all over the walls. And I mean all over. Colored markers had covered the walls with names and messages, notes and drawings by this girl and all of her friends. I never would have been allowed to do this in my house (nor dared of even asking) but I have to say it was pretty cool.

This wallpaper totally reminds me of that room.

The speech bubbles make a nice pattern and I actually like it just as is, but hand-written messages are bound to happen in here. 

These images from Custom Wallpaper Rollout make it seem like a teenager wrote on these walls but imagine using the wallpaper instead to document a child's early years. For example, as a toddler, a parent can write on the walls some of the funny and clever things the child says. Then as the child first learns to write his/her name, that would be recorded, too. More personal messages and drawings would be added in later years, too. It would be like turning your walls into a multi-year scrapbook!

Interested in other ways to personalize your wallpaper? Check out this post from last year.

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