Thursday, December 13, 2012

Black and White and Polka Dots

I love Pinterest. I just went on there to find some images for an upcoming post on painted pianos (such a fun idea – coming soon!) and I came across this image

Loving the crisp and clean palette and the various patterns. 3 comments on this:

1. The stripe throw and black/white pillow are from Ikea. I have them both!
2. Anyone know where I can find the black/gray blanket? I've been looking for black, gray and white patterned blankets to add some oomph to my bedding but have been having a surprisingly difficult time finding things in that color palette.
3. Blankets and bedding aside, the best part of this room is that wall. I love those polka dots. I think they are just black stickers. Talk about a simple way to dress up a wall! Think about the fun options you could do, too – neon pink on a white wall would be great in a girl's room. Use a lot of stickers to create a wallpaper effect by arranging them in a decorative pattern. Or go crazy and put a smattering of stickers on the ceiling. Short on space, use the stickers to "outline" an interesting-shaped headboard. 

So many possibilities...all with a little round sticker!


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