Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rooms of the Future

I often wonder what homes will look like in the future. Will open floor plans still be popular or will there be a shift back to smaller, separate, more personal rooms? Will stainless steel appliances still be all the rage? How about hardwood floors throughout the home? Will any rooms look different than they do today?

Here's my guess – kitchens that look like true living spaces complete with artwork and furniture items and bathrooms that are big enough to truly live up to the "room" part of it's name.

source unknown (please share if you know!)

Sure this still looks like a kitchen but look at the big mirror and library-style lamp over the sink. And though it's hard to tell, I think there is a comfy chair at the bottom of the photo. Subtle decorating touches make the kitchen look like it was considered and decorated just like any other room in the house.

And then there is this spacious bathroom from Max Mutchnik and Erik Hyman's home featured in Elle Decor. This is basically my dream bathroom. The look was inspired by a barbershop and I'm especially drawn to the large leather chair and tiny tiles on the floor. It's a masculine look but done so well. It's large and expansive and a real "room" that I would love to just lounge in.

What do you think the rooms of the future will look like?

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