Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flying high with Marimekko

I just love a good design collaboration, don't you? And I especially love anything involving Marimekko. So when I heard about the latest Marimekko collaboration, I just about flipped! 

Can you imagine seeing this in the air above you?

Marimekko has partnered with Finnair (Finland's air carrier), to add their iconic prints to aircraft exteriors and design a collection of textiles and tableware featuring their signature patterns. 

Pretty perfect. Finnair says its goal is to become a "design airline" and I love this quote from the airline's CEO:

Finnair aircraft will become roving ambassadors of timeless Finnish design and creativity, giving our customers a special experience when they fly with us.

Love it! Hope to experience this design collaboration in person one day...


images via Huffington Post

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