Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bicycles as Decor

Though I am terrible on a bicycle (like really embarrassingly horrible), I like looking at them. Images of bicycles are often seen in home decor in artwork, on pillows, or even as little figurines. Not as common, though, is using an actual bicycle as art.

I first had the idea while flipping through the latest J Crew catalog. Look at this festive bicycle! It just screams, "Ride me to your party!"

I think it would be perfect propped up in the entryway of your home as a sparkly welcome to a holiday party.

Then the next day, I saw this in the window at Heirloom. Painted white, it's simple and classic and would be just as interesting leaning against a painted or patterned wall in the home.

After finding two great bikes, I started researching more and was delighted to find this online — a washi tape wrapped bicycle! Of course. Oh, washi tape, you do such wonderful things!

Don't have the room for a whole bike in your home but want in on the decorating fun? Here's a recycled bike wheel clock just for you.

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