Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pom Poms

Pom Poms make me happy. Soft, round and colorful, they just make me smile. That's why I was so pleased to come across a few pom pom images that I just had to share. The first is this one that I found on the Australian blog Atypical Type A.

Doesn't it look like a bunch of pom poms were color-coded and strung together? It reminds me of this ribbon banner I posted about last year.

And then I saw this colorful wreath also on that blog. I bet you could make one easily by gluing poms onto a styrofoam wreath. Hang it on your door this holiday season as a way to say "wishing you a colorful holiday season and a bright and cheery new year".

This next image, though, is my hands-down favorite. These enormous poms are so special. I found this on Pinterest and of course added it to my personal page and to The Pink Chalkboard page that we just started (come visit us!).

Anyone know where I can find this blanket? If so, please share! This would be amazing in my bedroom next to my painted furniture.

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