Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inspired by Emails

As a graphic designer, I always notice the graphics and 'look' of the emails I get. Brands like Kate Spade, J.Crew, and Jonathan Adler impress me every time. Two emails that caught my attention lately are this one by Dwell Studio

and this one by Anthropologie

The two emails are pretty similar. Graphic patterns or watercolors are placed in simple shapes. I'm sure these were done on the computer but they got me thinking -- this could inspire an art project at home.

Option 1 –paint a page with watercolors and then once dry, cut out a shape (an initial, perhaps) and glue that watercolored shape down on to a nice white surface.

Option 2 – cut out a shape from a piece of white cardstock and dispose of that shape. Glue a favorite swatch of fabric to the back of the cut cardstock. The fabric will peek through the cut out.

Place in a frame and there you go -- instant art! Your shapes could be as simple as a letter of the alphabet or maybe a collection of puffy clouds or you could go more complex and do a silhouette of a child or a beloved pet. So many options. The sky's the limit!

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