Friday, September 7, 2012

My Lavender Accent Walls

About a year ago, I decided to paint two lavender accent walls in my apartment. I shared some of my inspiration images in this post a couple of months ago and now I finally have some photos of our apartment to share them with you. 

First, here is a "before" photo. Our apartment is basically three rooms: one larger living/dining space, a smaller bedroom, and a bathroom. All of the walls, ceiling, and cabinetry were painted a really nice shade of white in an eggshell finish. The white walls were really great because they just made the space so open and airy (especially because the windows and ceilings were nice and high). This allowed me to be as colorful as I wanted with my accessories, which was wonderful, since I love shades of orange and aqua. 

But then I developed a crush on lavender, and not wanting to miss out on a color trend, I thought it would be fun to give it a try on a couple of walls. Here is an "after" shot of our main living space.

As you can see, I just painted the wall behind the dining table. While painting, I thought I was making a drastic change, but it wasn't at all! It turned out to be just a nice, little accent. And depending on the light, the color can either be really subtle or a bit more prominent. 

I kept my orange candelabra but replaced the art on the wall above the table. Formerly, I had a series of four tin tiles with black and white chandelier illustrations. I liked them a lot, but once the wall was painted they looked a little lost.

So, I replaced the tins with this rocking horse, which I took from my parent's house. My mom used to have him hanging on a wall in our living room when we were growing up. A funky, hand-made piece like this completely changed the flavor of the room.

I like how the lavender looks in contrast to our orange candelabra, too.  

The other accent wall that I painted was behind our bed. Here is a "before" shot...again, I was more focused on photographing the cat and the curtains, than the wall. But, you can get a sense that the room was just a lot of white and gray.

In this "after" shot, you can see how this pinky-lavender shade really warmed up our very neutral scheme. 

The color in the photo below is so off and I apologize for that! But I wanted you to see how well the lavender worked with the charcoal gray in my curtains. My mom and I made these curtains using this Dwell Studio print that we sourced for an amazing price here.

And one more you like my ruffle bedding? I'm obsessed with it. I first posted about it here and now I am so happy to finally be able to show this ruffle goodness to you, in our room!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few sneak peeks into my lavender affair! Now I'm thinking about what I'll do next...

Have a great weekend!


images by The Pink Chalkboard

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