Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabric-wrapped IKEA Finds

Earlier this week, I wrote about a fabric-wrapped shelving unit on Recently's blog and a cheap-o tray that I bought and am planning to wrap with fabric or pretty patterned paper. After I posted that, I was flipping through the new Ikea catalog and came across this.

Fabric-wrapped Ikea furniture! How fitting to see this now. Note both the table and the dresser. I'm not sure if fabric-wrapped furniture would technically be considered an Ikea Hack, but I am definitely into the idea. I especially like the table since two of the legs have some exposed wood.

It's a small detail but one noticed only after you look at the table for a while. I think it adds to the table's new personality. I have a bunch of white Malm dressers that could use a little updating. Perhaps something like this will be in their future!

Check out the rest of Ikea's 2013 catalog here. Hope you have a happy weekend!

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