Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fabric-wrapped Finds

Little Green Notebook (one of my favorite blogs) recently posted about this fabric-wrapped shelving unit.

The photos were submitted by Emily and I went to her blog, Recently, to learn more. Take a look at the before shot below. She used modge podge to adhere and coat the fabric, totally transforming an otherwise cheap-looking and boring item into something very stylish.

That transformation was fresh in my mind over the weekend when I went to a neighbor's yard sale. I found this tray there for $2 and thought it would be perfect for a similar project. (I also picked up a copy of The Comfort Table for $1. Do you remember Mindy's post about that?)

Now the only thing to decide is what to wrap the tray with -- fabric or paper? The fabric may be a bit trickier with the angled sides, but I think it's doable. Here are some paper and fabric swatches that I'm considering.

I think I'm leaning towards the Brush Stroke Gold on Sea Green but that Marble is intriguing. I think that would probably elevate the look of my $2 tray the most. Decisions, decisions.


fabric and paper swatches, left to right, top to bottom

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