Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chalkboard Project: Going Gold

Last summer, I spotted this image on The Glitter Guide and was so inspired. 

A gold-painted Ball jar. So pretty and so simple. I knew I had to give it a try and this turned out to be one of my favorite DIY projects of all time. It's so easy and the results are stunning.

Over the past year, I have used these little gold mason jars as vases for housewarming gifts (a set of three white puffy hydrangeas fit perfectly in a single jar), to hold pens and pencils, and even gave one to Jillian who uses it to hold sponges next to her kitchen sink! That might be my favorite idea of all...a clever way to add glamour to some very utilitarian items.

I was so inspired by the The Glitter Guide image that I tried my own version here.

This is my bar cart, another Chalkboard Project that I'll share with you soon. But, take a look at the top—doesn't the gold jar with gray-and-white-striped straws look so inviting?

This is how I did it:

Step 1: I purchased a package of six Ball mason jars at Michael's, and painted them all at the same time.  Kerr mason jars from A.C. Moore work just fine, too.

Step 2: I separated the lids from the jars, replaced the top part of the lid with a piece of aluminum foil (cut to size), and screwed the lid back on. The aluminum foil protected the inside of the jar from the paint. This is a little different than my inspiration image which did not have the lid attached.

Step 3: I placed the jars upside down on a piece of cardboard (very important: always spray paint in a well-ventilated area!). I then spray painted all of the jars with one coat of primer, using Krylon Stain Blocking Primer/Sealer spray paint in white.

Step 4: After waiting 30 minutes (the paint dries in 15, but I wanted to be extra sure that the bottoms were not sticky), I rearranged the jars right side up on the cardboard, and sprayed them with a second coat of primer. I was very careful about not using too much paint here—it tends to run easily on a glass surface.

Step 5: After waiting a day, it was time to go gold! I rearranged the jars again, starting with the bottoms up, and sprayed them with Rustoleum Metallic Gold paint. Honestly, this is the best gold spray paint I've ever used! The pigment is gorgeous and the coverage is amazing.

Step 6: I waited another 30 minutes, flipped the jars right side up on the cardboard, then sprayed them with a second coat of gold paint.

Step 7: 15 minutes later, I moved the jars around on the cardboard surface (not wanting the bottom edges to stick in one spot) and sprayed them lightly with several more coats of paint. I wanted lots of gold coverage!

Step 8: I waited one more day for the paint to fully dry and then unscrewed the rim of the lid, removed the aluminum foil, and re-screwed the rim. Then, I started adding flower arrangements and giving them as gifts. This is a very simple project with a lot of impact. Hope you give this a try and enjoy going gold, too!


top image via The Glitter Guide
next two photos by The Pink Chalkboard

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