Monday, July 23, 2012

A Rotating Gallery

Check out this cool use for an old frame:

Found on Goodwillionaire (via Atypical Type A), I'm all about this is a super clever idea. It's both good looking and a great way to corral lots of photos. After spray painting an old frame in a fresh, glossy color, thin wires were strung across the frame so photos could be hung by mini clips. The clips allow you to rotate your pictures (or invitations or holiday cards) often for an ever changing display.

And while this is a cute idea, I think you could do something even simpler and just tape the photos inside. Last week Mindy posted about Prinstagram. Her prints would be perfect for something like this.

And speaking of taping prints, have you seen this image from Rita Konig's (now former) NYC apartment? It was printed in Domino a while back (images via Urban Tastemakers). 

It's just taped up polaroids but I think it's stunning. There are a lot of photos here but the grid-like pattern keeps them all organized and eye-catching.

Two great options of what to do with your photos and Prinstagrams. Which do you prefer?


  1. I love this idea. Jillian, I know you mentioned it to me and it looks even cooler in person. LOVE IT. Need to bookmark this for future reference. - Becca

  2. The frame concept is awesome and I love the idea of mixing artwork and photos. Thank you for sharing such a fabulous idea, Jillian! - Beth


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