Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Six Word Story

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Legend has it that someone bet Ernest Hemingway that he could not write a story using less than ten words. Not only did he win this bet with the six-word story above, but apparently regarded it as his best work. Following this premise, designer Anne Ulku, and writer Van Horgen, collaborated to develop the Six Word Story Every Day project. Van wrote and Anne designed 365 stories in 2010. Their ambitious and incredible work can be found here.

I am inspired by the challenge of this project, with seemingly endless story combinations and unique ways to illustrate them. 

Some of the stories are funny...
Many are about broken hearts.

Found his love letters to another.

But some are about love...
Some are thought provoking... 

and ironic...

Assembled swingset. One leftover screw.

or just really pretty.

Summer snow: Dandelions in the wind.

I like the happier stories, like this one.

Catching snowflakes on tongue. Spinning. Tree!

The Six Word Story Every Day project was so successful that it didn't simply stop at the end of 2010. Rather, in 2011 the pair featured submissions from designers and writers around the world, all of which can be seen here. You can even purchase selected works from their online shop.


all images via Six Word Story Every Day 

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