Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lovely Lighting

Take a look at the most eclectic lighting scheme I have ever seen! The lovely lighting choices at Cafe Kafka, located in Barcelona, give this bohemian space a truly luminous feeling.

I love so many of the other decorating choices here, too. The charcoal-painted mirrored wall behind the bar is fantastic! The furniture, especially the rattan bar stools and the upholstered pieces in jewel-toned velvet, add to the eclectic and comfortable vibe. Even the columns, painted in a lustrous gold finish, are a great touch.

Did you happen to notice the bookcase? (Below is a close-up). It is set into the wall and framed in reclaimed wood. Genius!

Beauty is in the details, and this space does not disappoint.  It also demonstrates that decorative pieces don't always have to match. And of course, you can use lots of different kinds of lighting to make any space feel warm and cozy, especially your home.


all images © Cafe Kafka, owned by Karel Schroeder, sourced from yatzer and we heart
restaurant design by Yolanda Vilalta and Helena Jauma

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