Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Decorating with Flash Cards

One of my favorite episodes of Sarah Richardson's latest show, Sarah 101, is the Sophisto-Nursery. Sarah and her design sidekick, Tommy Smythe, did an incredible job with this room. Just take a look...

My favorite touch? Their use of flash cards as artwork.

What a great DIY idea!

I tend to frame everything I can get my hands on--from stickers to wine labels to favorite greeting cards--so naturally I thought this was brilliant. I love that Sarah selected black and white images from a series of flash cards purchased at a museum shop. Nice and modern.

But what if you are going for a different, more vintage kind of look?

I recently discovered these adorable French alphabet flash cards from Cavallini & Co. and thought they, too, would make charming artwork in a nursery.

And if you are a theme person like me, you might even consider framing this matching poster...


Cavallini has a series of other alphabet flash cards, all in great vintage designs, here at Paper Source.


top 3 images via Sarah 101 on
bottom 5 images via amazon

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