Friday, December 2, 2011

Letter Love

Joy of joys -- check out these ornaments!

Beautiful tye dye goodness from Anthropologie.  While using them as initials would make a lovely addition to any tree, I would use them in a different way.  I think they would be really special in a kids room.  Spell out a child's name and link them all together with a long piece of ribbon, evenly spacing each letter and then knotting them all in place.  A long name would look particularly nice hanging behind a crib or a bed.  A shorter name would look great hanging on the bedroom door, too.

Using them in a kid's room was the first thing to come to mind, but they can actually be reused in many ways throughout the year.  What if you have enough letters on hand to spell out different things?  Happy Birthday would be sweet. Or celebrate whenever you have a party. Or perhaps best of all, for those days when a hug and kiss just isn't enough, an I love you would most definitely do the trick.


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