Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flywheel Press

When I was looking at images for Jillian's baby announcement, I stumbled upon this sweet greeting card from Flywheel Press and was immediately smitten.  

Oh my goodness, those little feet made my heart go pitter patter! And the "est. 2010" was just the perfect touch.

I was disappointed after finding out that they had sold out of their 2011 cards and I couldn't use this image for my post. But the very sweet Amber (owner/designer/letterpresser extraordinaire) added a 2011 card to the press for me when she was printing her 2012 cards. Isn't that so thoughtful? 

So, I wanted to take a moment to thank Amber for going out of her way for me! And I also wanted to share lots of lettepressed goodness with you from Flywheel Press. Her design concepts are quite charming and the detail and quality of work is exquisite.


images via Flywheel Press
1. Baby Feet
2. Grosgrain Pinwheel 
3. Fireworks Thank You
4. #happilyeverafter
5. Kissing Fish
6. Western Wisdom: ADIOS

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