Monday, November 14, 2011

Reflections of H&M

I just stumbled upon these images of the launch of H&M's Home line at their flagship location in Stockholm (back in 2009). Oh my goodness, it is breathtaking!

Entitled Home Reflections, branding agency UXUS created this incredible installation, making use of mirrors, illustrated suspended furniture (hello! so creative!), and H&M's home decor items to create a "looking glass" effect. Isn't it captivating?

The concept here was to "imagine the world through a looking glass, to explore our ever-changing relationship between identity and style."

The result? The trendy H&M aesthetic captured within the surreal world of Alice in Wonderland. I wish I could have hung out here!

Sadly, the H&M Home line is not available in the United States yet. 

Stay tuned! I'll be posting some of my favorite things from their line later this week...


all images via UXUS
first spotted on Trendland

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