Monday, November 21, 2011

All Wrapped Up

I read one time about someone who wrapped all of his presents in the same colored paper and tied them all with the same colored bow.  His "signature wrapping" made for a nice presentation but it also was economical and easy to maintain.  Instead of buying rolls upon (small) rolls of wrapping paper, he bought both the paper and ribbon in bulk.  And when the gift-giving season was over, he wasn't left with various amounts of odd-shaped bits of miscellaneous wrapping paper taking up tons of room in his closet.

I've always liked this idea.  So simple, but I feared it would get boring.  That's why something like this is so appealing to me:

What if you had one color wrapping paper (white, for instance) and just decorated each package with different colored masking tapes?  Each package would look original and unique but so chic.

Good looking and fun but best of all it's so easy!


images and masking washi tape available at CB2

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