Tuesday, October 4, 2011

They Draw & Travel

They Draw& Travel is a fascinating website that features an amazing collection of unique illustrated maps. Spend some time on this site and you'll be sure to want to travel the world!

The artists and illustrators beautifully capture the exceptional qualities of their respective cities and towns. Take a look at these maps from the United States and around the globe...

Philadelphia, PA

Kaitlyn McCane

New Orleans, LA

Bryan Spear

Brussels, Belgium

Philippe Debongnie

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juliana Cuervo

Havana, Cuba

Alicia Aradilla

Istanbul, Turkey

Emir Isovic

London, England

Robyn Mitchell

So...where do you want to go?


  1. Hey Mindy...thanks for the sweet shout-out! You picked several of my favorite maps! You guys are super nice. :-)
    Nate from They Draw and Travel.

  2. Hey Nate, thanks so much! Thanks for displaying all of this great art. We love it!


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