Monday, October 17, 2011

mast brothers chocolate

While in D.C. a few weeks ago for a friend's wedding (an absolutely beautiful affair -- congrats Grant and Kristen!), I had some time to wander around Georgetown.  Hungry, I went into Dean & Deluca and came across Mast Brothers Chocolate.  Beautifully packaged in patterned paper, these chocolate bars definitely caught my eye.

Drawn at first to their graphic packaging and clean, simple logo, I then went to their website and learned more about this great company and their craft chocolates. Their website says:
Our handcrafted chocolate begins with the most prestigious cocoa farms. Not unlike wine making, variances in the geography of farms (terroir) create one-of-a-kind chocolate. We seek to pay tribute to these unique characteristics by crafting chocolate with beans from a single farm, village or province.
Mast Brothers makes and sells their chocolate from their factory in Brooklyn.  They do factory tours, too! I wish I knew that when I was living in NYC. Sounds like such a fun activity. Imagine how divine that factory must smell!

Mast Chocolates have lots of flavor options. The Dean & Deluca I was in didn't have the Fleur de Sel or Almonds & Sea Salt flavors but I'm officially on the search for those in my hometown.  Don't they sound so delicious?


top image by The Pink Chalkboard
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