Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank you, Pottery Barn

We think it's nice when stores treat their clientele more like friends and less like customers. That's why we were so touched to see that Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids are offering a 15% off discount to those whose homes were affected by the recent hurricane and downpours that have been happening.  Thank you, Pottery Barn and PB Kids.  Your discount is quite thoughtful to those in need and we appreciate that.  Here are some of our favorite items in their stores:

Hanging Clipper Airplanes

Critter Chairs

Cubby and Open Base Set 

Decorative Pendants

Framed French Iconic Prints

Germain Arched Mirror and Whitney Fluted Glass Task Floor Lamp

Exeter 16-Jar Pendant

Linen Pinboard


  1. Great seeing you at the market!! (sorry if I startled you, lol)

  2. Hi Susan, you too! I loved your post about Clover Market and I'll be sure to link to it this week. Take care!!


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