Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Great Bookshelf

A well-curated library or bookshelf piled high with books is a great conversation piece and looks fantastic in a home.  I've always been a fan of big art books and pretty coffee table books but I never got around to creating a large book collection.  A few years ago, I succumbed to the fact that my home just wouldn't ever have one of those great rooms chock-full of gorgeous books.  That is, until I saw these prints on 20x200 and realized that I could take a markedly different approach...

Ideal Bookshelf 1

Ideal Bookshelf 5

Ideal Bookshelf 6

Ideal Bookshelf 42

Ideal Bookshelf 102

This series by Jane Mount is called Ideal Bookshelf.  Ideal, indeed!  Imagine a collection of these prints stacked one on top of the another.  Not only would it resemble a whole bookcase, but think what a different and beautiful conversation piece that would be.

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