Monday, August 22, 2011

Snow & Graham

Years ago, I came across this Snow & Graham card in a store.


As a huge cupcake fan, I was instantly smitten and proceeded to purchase and frame two of them, keeping one in my office cubicle and one at home.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Cupcake images are a personal favorite of mine but that point aside, Snow & Graham has tons of other beautiful items, both printed and letterpressed.  Their products are colorful, clean and gorgeously simple.  Here are some favorite cards:


Take Out

So Good

I have this calendar and have been enjoying the graphics immensely.  June was so lovely, in fact, that I forgot to change the page when it became July.  Of course I realized that on August 1st, turned the page, and found that July was my favorite image of all (it matches the cover seen below) so although it's been the month of August for a couple weeks now, I just turned the page to August a few days ago (of course that page is very pretty, too.)

Pops of cheery color on this notecard set.

And finally, there are these notecards called "Tweets".  I haven't fully embraced social media yet and know nothing about Twitter.  These "tweet" notecards are much more my speed!

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