Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sitting on Sunshine

After the crazy/rainy/stormy hurricane weather we've been having, I'm thinking of the color yellow and longing for a piece of permanent sunshine in my house.

Yellow chairs are just so happy.  The chairs below are super simple, but when you have such a strong burst of color, lots of details and frills just aren't necessary.

fleet chartreuse chair

french bistro style chair

wrap bar stool

Note the cute little yellow balls on the bottom of this stackable chair.

stack chair

Then there is this upholstered chair.  The yellow color is slightly muted and the pattern is lovely.  It would look so nice in my bedroom.

chloe chair

And this chair is a favorite of mine -- more in concept than anything else, though.  I think the painted yellow frame is really clever.  It makes the chair look so fresh.  

carly chair

A few months back, I painted my great Aunt's desk chair gray and am currently working on reupholstering the seat (I'll post about that soon).  I always thought that a way to modernize old furniture was to paint it in a neutral color like white, black or gray, but this yellow frame is so refreshing that I'm itching to try something like this in my own home.  Just need to find the perfect piece to do it to.  I have officially added it to my mental to-do list that keeps growing longer each week. 

Here's hoping you have some warm, yellow sunshine in your day.

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