Thursday, August 25, 2011


A few weeks ago I spotted this clever billboard.

It was an incredibly hot day and as I stood outside waiting for the train, this one word in such cool colors and modern typeface grabbed my attention immediately. And that period at the end? A logo! I loved it. 

It turns out that the billboard is just one in a series of posters that are part of a greater Regional Rail Campaign for EnergyWorks. Developed by the Mayor's Office of Sustainability with creative done by Neiman Group, each poster features fresh typography (my favorite!) in the same cool color palette.

Each poster is finished off with that lovely logo design which you can see close up here. 

I think this logo design evokes lots of movement and energy, which is perfect for a non-profit organization aptly named EnergyWorks.  

Consider some of the other components of this campaign. The ads below actually ran the length of SEPTA train car ceilings. Smart. Just looking at them makes me feel calm and cool...

And maybe even a little bit cozy...

Then there are these inventive ads that use short, sweet prose to immediately transport your mind to enjoying comfortable moments at home.

Did you happen to catch that tagline? When your house is more comfortable, you're home. Brilliant! This campaign really captured my imagination and I can't wait to see what they come up with for the Fall and Winter. Stay tuned!


Want to learn more? EnergyWorks empowers home and business owners in Southeastern Pennsylvania to save energy and money through energy efficient improvements. Visit their site here or their facebook page here

Neiman Group is the creative agency responsible for this fantastic campaign. You can see more of their inspired work here

All images courtesy of Neiman Group and EnergyWorks.

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