Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orla Kiely

Oh, Orla.  How I love your prints and patterns!

Orla Kiely has a distinct style.  With her sweet patterns and happy color palette, an Orla Kiely item, whether a bag, wallpaper, or stationery set, is wonderfully noticeable.

The Stem Print Address Book is the classic Orla Kiely pattern.

This pear print started my love of Orla.  I have an amazing skirt in this pattern.

Four patterns in one in this thank you card set.

I actually own a roll of this wallpaper.  I fell in love with it years ago and and bought a roll of it but in the end was too nervous to apply wallpaper to the NYC apartment that I knew I'd be moving from sometime soon.  Instead, I ended up using it to line the the glass doors of a tall Ikea cabinet that houses all of the pretty bowls, platters and dishes that I love to collect.  I still have a lot of wallpaper left on the roll, though, and I am debating what to do with it next.  Maybe something like Mary McDonald's filing cabinet shown here at Little Green Notebook but originally in Domino Magazine.

This Flower Blossom Wide Shade has the same pattern as the wallpaper but in a different color palette.  It looks super retro, but I like the colors and think it would look great in a living room (particularly in mine which has a brown couch with some green accents).

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