Friday, June 17, 2011

Inspiration...children's books

Since my son was born, I have become well versed in children's books.  His favorite book changes from week to week but one series that has become a regular in our reading rotation are the Spot books by Eric Hill.  They are lift-the-flap illustrated books featuring a dog named Spot.  My favorite in the series is Where's Spot? since it shows Spot playing hide and seek in his colorful house.  Take a look at some of these images:

Spot's house is so fun and cheery that I would want to live there.  And then I realized that to some degree, I kind of do.  Check out this console from Ikea:


The curvy shape on the bottom looks like it was drawn by Eric Hill.  And the yellow color is so very Spot.  The one in my house is black, but still.

I don't have a bright green bureau, but I did purchase this punchy little number after reading about it on Jenny's blog.

The "grand" piano in my house is of the miniature variety and not the huge statement piece that it is in the book.  My son's is black, but look -- it also comes in pink!

And finally, a coincidence for sure, but the staircase in my house is nearly identical to Spot's -- complete with the little cubby door under the steps!  My staircase is white, but perhaps yellow is something to consider in the future....

Have you ever been inspired to decorate based on a children's book?

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