Friday, May 27, 2011

Window Films

Last year, when my husband and I were looking to buy a house, one of the things we were looking for was a home with lots of natural light.  We were quite fortunate to find that, but after we moved in, we realized that lots of natural light = many windows = many window treatments. And covering those windows can be crazy expensive.

While we decided which window treatments we wanted on all of our windows (a major decision), we lived with no window treatments at all for months.  Well hello, new neighbors!  I did enjoy the light but I wanted some privacy, too.  I kept thinking that I could find a film or sticker that I could apply to the window temporarily that would be both functional and pretty but the few things I found were unattractive and quite complicated to install.

That was then.  Today, I just came across these window films at Design Public.

White Orba Adhesive Film

White Pixels Adhesion Film

Moroccan Tile Adhesive Film
They are super subtle but I love the little bit of graphic style that they bring.  Perfect for some privacy while still allowing tons of light into your space.

Most of my windows are covered now (Hunter Douglas' Designer Roller Shades are beautiful) but I am definitely filing these beauties away for some time in the future.  Maybe one day in the 3rd floor office?  Until then, I hope one of you buy these and let me know what you think.  I think they are lovely.

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