Monday, May 23, 2011


An absolutely amazing store and resource in NYC is M&J Trimming.  They sell everything from buttons and rhinestones to appliques and lace.  My favorite thing there, though, are the ribbons.

1" Hand Dyed Silk Satin Ribbon Style 33103

1/4" Single Stitched Grosgrain Style 02394

7/8" Tonal Stripe Ribbon Style 32080

6mm Reversible Stitched Satin Ribbon Style 33689

15mm Grosgrain Fantasy Ribbon Style 34304

25mm Wired Picot Stripe Ribbon Style 38948

7/8" Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbon Style 39006

I usually think of ribbon as something to decorate a present with or as a way to add color and uniqueness to a basic pair of curtains.  But check out this idea -- ribbons as room decoration!

Photo by Andrea via Ohdeedoh

So simple and yet elegant and punchy (a rare, yet fabulous combination, I think).  Decorating with ribbons is a fast and easy way to transform a room.  Perfect for homeowners and renters alike since you can connect all of those little ribbons to one single strip of ribbon and have very few holes in the wall.  A big bang for your very little buck.

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  1. I love this idea! I could see it used in a guest room, baby's room, or little girl's room. An added bonus would be when your windows are open, the ribbons come to life, blowing in the breeze.
    I could also see it used as a window treatment - over a window covered in sheers, alone over a window privatized by sandblasting/window film, or covering a staircase window that doesn't have an interior view.
    If weights were sewn on the bottom of long strips of two-sided ribbons, they could be used as a room divider.


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