Friday, April 15, 2011

The Land of Nod

Hi Mindy,

When I was in college, my favorite graphic design class was Packaging.  Our very first project -- to design a shopping bag for a new store that we came up with -- was what started my love of Packaging.  The store I made up was a sleep store for kids and while I was working on that, my professor brought me a catalog that she had at home called The Land of Nod.  The magazine was magical.  Beautiful furniture, bedding, and playthings for kids that were accompanied by clever product names and quotes from young kids.  For example, the back cover of the catalog said something like this:

Reviews for this book:

I like the pretty pictures -- Emily, age 6
I want my mommy -- Sophie, age 4
I have to pee -- Matthew, age 3

I just loved it and it always stuck with me.  A few years ago, I was delighted to see that Crate & Barrel stores had the catalog in-store and now it is sent to my house every few months.  In their latest catalog, it struck me how many of their items would be great in any room of the home, not just in a kid's room.  Here are the items that caught my eye:

Pretty in a bedroom but this would be happy and fun in a sun room as well.

I always gravitate towards simple, graphic posters.

This pillow is awfully similar to this and this, don't you think?

With its subtle pattern in tonal colors, I was considering this gray rug for my den.

Sarah Richardson often talks about adding a touch of whimsy to rooms and I think these pillows would fit that bill.  A bird or a robot on your living room couch?

Fun indeed.


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